Five days in Paros

Traveling is often associated with unforgettable experiences and memorable emotions. If you want to take a trip like this, then visiting Paros would be the option. Spending several days on this divine Greek island would grant you lifetime memories.

Planning your trip to Paros

Greece is the country that has the greatest number of islands that belong to it. Each of them is unique and absolutely beautiful, so it might be challenging to choose the one for your vacation.

Paros is one of the biggest islands in the Cyclades situated in the Aegean Sea. It would be a perfect choice for those who would want to enjoy the tranquility, explore the beauty of nature, and touch ancient history.

When planning your trip, it is always worth considering such factors as transportation to the place of destination and accommodation. Luckily, there is a variety of villas in Paros so that you can choose the one that suits you best. The villas on the island are equipped with suitable amenities and have wonderful views, which would certainly make your rest unforgettable.

Places to visit on Paros

Once you have landed on the island, you can start exploring it and enjoy its natural beauty. Regardless of whether you came to Paros for several days or more than a week, you will find lots of places of interest.


This is definitely a must-see spot on Paros because it is the embodiment of Greek culture and architecture. Lefkes is a small but absolutely gorgeous village in the middle of the island. It is stuffed with exclusively white houses with blue doors and hanging colorful flowers. All this makes up the essence of typical Greek island architecture and makes the postcard views real.

Marcello beach

Stunning beaches from the famous beaches do exist on Paros island as well. Marcello beach is the place where you can enjoy pure and absolutely azure water. Moreover, this beach is surrounded by mountains so it would be suitable for those who like such views as well. Those who come to Paros with children would also appreciate Marcello beach as it has safe bathing areas for kids all around. You may choose one of Paros villas located in close proximity to Marcello beach.

Archeological museum

Those who want to get closer to the history of the island should visit the archeological museum of Paros. It contains sculptures, pottery, and other items that belonged to the Cycladic civilization and Romans, providing a better understanding of how people lived at those times.

Panagia Ekatontapiliani

This is a church dated back to the fourth century and constructed by the mother of Constantine the Great. Panagia Ekatontapiliani is an important building of Byzantine times that is well-preserved today. Visit this church to explore ornaments and feel the divine atmosphere.

Paros park

If you want to know more about the flora and fauna of the island, then Paros Park is the right place. It preserves virgin scenery with endemic herbs and flowers, caves, and rocky seashores with crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea.

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